Self Assessment Strategies

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Formative assessment occurs when pupil learning takes place. As a result, I will need to measure childrenâ€TMs learning against their objectives by using ongoing methods of assessment. This is known as formative assessment methods and can be used throughout any lesson. I ask children open ended questions- for example, †̃how did you work that out?â€TM I do this to encourage independence and it also gives a chance for children to put forward there fantastic ideas about what they are learning and what they know. Observing is another effective way for me to gather information on how my child is achieving as I can watch what certain strategies are working for her and what she is finding the end of each lesson I always encourage children…show more content…
The process involves; • explaining learning outcomes • feedback on their progress • encourage children to develop their own self-assessment skills
At Valentine Primary children are encouraged to †̃editâ€TM their own work. The child will bring their work to an adult for marking. We (Teachers, TAâ€TMs and LSAâ€TMs) check capital letters, finger spaces, full sto etc. If each word is correct it gets a tick with a green highlighter. If spelling, grammar or punctuation etc. is in-correct it will be underlined in pink highlighter. †̃Green for go and pink to think.â€TM We write nex steps in black biro. The child/young person takes away their work and editâ€TMs accordingly. This is a whole school marking policy and children are taught to self- edit from year 1. This encourages the child/young person to be a more independent learner. Also by asking better questions to learners for example, who might? What might? Where will? Encourages better learners. Rather than just recalling facts children/young people learn to comprehend by thinking. We can use Blooms taxonomy to see what level the children are working at and adjust our questioning in tasks accordingly. Ideally we would like all children to be evaluating and
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