Self Assessment Strengths And Weaknesses Analysis

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This week we conducted a self-assessment to identify our strengths and weaknesses. Based off of this assessment of 30 skill areas, we had to rate ourselves on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 being good and 1 being poor (Bethel University, 2017). When honestly assessing myself with this assessment I was surprised on what I was choosing as to what was good and what was poor. Some of the areas I don’t think I pay too much attention to when it comes to skilled areas that can affect my education or everyday life. Doing this assessment has honestly made me see some of the weaknesses that I can develop and improve on, while at the same time continuing to focus on what I am strong at. The five strongest areas are, ability to conduct research, curiosity, honesty…show more content…
Being that they are areas that I don’t pay too much attention to and know that they can be a significant benefit to me if I took time to develop them more often (Bethel University, 2017). Of the five, money management was my lowest skilled area. I have never taken the time to establish those retirement funds, stocks and bonds, or other financial gains that will be a benefit to me when it comes to retiring from work. Although I have plenty of years to work it is something that I have not taken into consideration or made it a goal. This ties into goal-setting, something that I don’t do very often. Sometimes I don’t set realistic or achievable goals and this causes me to sway away from making any goals. At the same time trying to prioritize those goals can be difficult when you have several goals that you are trying to achieve. Writing and speaking were on the higher side of the rating for being weak skilled areas. I believe that I do well at writing and speaking but know that I can improve myself in these areas. A great tip that I learned this week was to read more often to help improve on the way we speak and in turn will improve how we write (Bethel University, 2017). I plan on reading more often to help myself improve in those areas. This curriculum with Bethel University will also help me with my reading and writing skills. This being one of the reasons I choses this
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