Self- Assessment of Personality

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Self- Assessment of Personality Social Sciences Division University of the Philippines Cebu College Lahug, Cebu City In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Social Sciences I Submitted By: Moca Charity P. Cañal Submitted To: Prof. Yuleta Orillo March 23, 2012 Basing from the various theories and principles of the 8 psychologists being discussed, the following are my self – assessments: SIGMUND FREUD Id, Ego, Superego three levels of depth a person has to know in order to determine one’s situatedness and beingness. In order to know better and to assess one’s self or to know who you really are, I believe that it should start from knowing the three you within one single body. With Sigmund Freud’s…show more content…
The concept shows that humans reach for a high-level of capabilities in our possible and comfortable way. we have our preferences for we are unique and we must be respected for our own discretion. Furthermore, Humans look for the frontiers of creativity, the highest reaches of consciousness and wiseness. Besides humans are labeled as “fully functioning person”, “healthy personality”, or as Maslow calls this level, “self-actualizing person.” These self-actualizers are of addressing the needs of a human person, specifically our psychological needs, safety, belonging, self-esteem and the end self-actualization. It is in simplifying our life there we could attain the highest peak of our different careers, which is towards Self-Actualization and it could only be done if we focus on one thing at a time. CARL ROGERS Humans as we are we strive hard enough even ending up pushing ourselves to our limits. We want to be the One, to attain perfection at any aspect and to please everyone in the community. This goal of attaining perfection is not only influenced by our own feelings most often we are put in this kind of situation by the people in our community. For they have expected you to be always on top and that all your actions are flawless and if you do not keep up to their standards you will be considered an outcast from the society, you will become the subject for all the eyes, the talks and the jokes. In order to be able to cope
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