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Advanced and Independent Study in the Visual Arts


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Project One: Twin Portait _________________

Thesis Idea and Learning Objectives:
This was a third and final addition to my portait color series. Instead of water color, I used acrylic as a painting medium. The goals were identical to the two other pieces in the series in which I would set out to paint realistic portaits using only primary colors as a palette base for my models skin tones and color.

Formal Critique of Studio Product:

Originally, I wanted this piece to be a portait of two fictional people from my own Imagination. However, later after much contemplating, I realized that I wanted to
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I later changed my mind while planning my illustration; wanting to create multiple different settings instead of one. However, I believe I still got my point across with not just the surrealism inserted into every illustrated square, but the detail I included into the drawing as well. I tried to incorporated thin line strokes to establish shading and texture with technique pen ink. This specific style was inspired by artist Brett Helsquist (more widely known as the illustrator for the children book series the series of unfortunate events) who played an important role in inspiring creatively in me when I was younger. I also chose to incoperated color with water color on the people that dwelled in each picture, keeping the consistent theme of bright skin tones in both this work and my last…show more content…
I learned that while I do a good job in self managing my time in class and at school for my projects, I could work on better communication with my art teacher. Throughout the trimester I realized that it’s okay to ask for help and advice when I’m unsure about my work, even though I think I might not need to. In additon, time management in terms of balancing time for art projects and academics outside of school is another challenging area where I could work on practicing. Before Independent art, I never felt like I was challenged enough with the art classes in my older school. I never considered (to the point that I do now) the importance of time management in the process of creating art because I considered many of the assigned projects to be small and easy. Even outside of school, I rarely work on a deadline for any paintings or drawings. I hope that I can take what I learned and practiced it so I can apply it to future art classes or future career paths that I many
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