Self Awareness And Self Knowledge

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Self-awareness and self-knowledge in relationships

What self-knowledge? It can not be bought at the price of effort or practice. Self-knowledge happens by observing yourself in your relationship with your classmates, your teachers and all those around you; it happens when you observe the ways of the other, his gestures, his way of dressing, talking, contempt or flattery, and your reaction; it happens when you observe everything that is happening in you and around you and you see as clearly as you see your face in the mirror. When you look in the mirror, you see yourself as you are, is not it? You may wish to have another head having another form, with a little more hair, a less ugly face, but the facts are there, clearly reflected by the mirror, and you can not sweep them and say, "That I am beautiful! "

If you can look in the mirror of relationship exactly as you do in an ordinary mirror, then self-knowledge is endless. It 's like walking into an unfathomable ocean without shores. Now we want mostly to an end, we want to be able to say, "I have come to the knowledge of me and I 'm happy. "But things are not happening as well. If you can look without condemning what you see without comparing yourself to others, without wishing to be more beautiful or more virtuous, if you can just watch what you are and continue on your way, you will discover that it is possible to go infinitely far. So the journey is endless and there is the mystery, the beauty of the thing.

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