Self Awareness Log No. 2

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Self-Awareness Log No. 2 Best Thing that Happened at your Site Interning at the Division of Family and Child Services (DFCS) has been a wonderful experience. Observing the day to day duties of Family Protection Specialist (FPS) and supervisors at DFCS has led to a more in-depth compassion for clients and their families, while acquiring the necessary skills to function as a social worker in today’s society. The best thing that happened at my site was being able to assist the Regional Director (RD), Anita Twiner-Watkins. She was constructing an organizational chart of all of her Area Social Work Supervisors (ASWS) and FPSs. I collaborated with the RD and created an organizational chart, which she forwarded to her superiors in Jackson,…show more content…
This was the case for me when I was acknowledged by the RD, in a staff meeting, for taking the initiative to assist her with the organizational chart. The recognition placed pressure on me to become more involved as an intern and allow my skills to be utilized at DFCS. The experience was incredibly humbling as a future social worker. Criticisms Receiving feedback about work performance is essential, especially if it comes in the form of constructive criticism. My Field Supervisor, Jessie Bether, has expressed a need to see me take more initiative on the home visits. She stated she wanted to see me become more involved in interviewing clients and following a case from the beginning, this half of the semester. She stated she has witnessed a considerable amount of growth in me and wants me to take on more responsibility other than shadowing my worker. Productivity In my observation of the day to day operations at DFCS, I have noticed that there is a great deal of cliques at the site. These cliques can often be productivity killers at DFCS, with over 700 children being in custody. Conversations are easy to start and hard to end at this facility. I attempt to keep idle conversations to a minimum by making sure I am constantly in contact with my worker, supervisor or keeping busy with completing upcoming assignments. My field supervisor has made it abundantly clear to me that she expects me to initiate my work week. The
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