Self Care Is A Personal Health Maintenance Technique

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Self-care is a personal health maintenance technique that includes any activity that involves the intention of improving mental and physical health. It is fundamental for everyone, a part of self-regulation, the physical and mental processes through which we create inner and outer balance without which we are prone to overwork, overplay, burn-out, and live unhealthy living. As students we need to take good care of ourselves because our brains are a part of our physical system, so if we don’t take care of the body, the brain isn’t going to work efficiently especially when we are trying to do so many things at once, we have to cultivate mental acuity and energy for studying and learning as well. Self-care enables individuals to be conscious about their health and empowers people to have a greater role in taking care of themselves. Self-care helps nourish one’s mind, body and spirit. While the main goal of self-care is taking better care of oneself, a much-needed break can also make one a better partner, caregiver, employee, co-worker and a friend. Self-care can be any activity that promotes relaxations or brings joy to someone, healthy activities such as eating right and exercising are popular self-care activities that result in improved physical and mental health. Prayer, meditation, and spiritual worship can bring peace to a hectic day. Watching a movie, reading a book or magazine, and listening to music are simple activities that can be classified as self-care. For

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