Self Care Lindman

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Analysis of the selected article for this review suggests that self-care practice in senior immigrants is contextual and interpersonal. Although home care and slef-care movement primarily aimed to emphasize on the independence and autonomy of individuals by taking control over their health management and rejecting the ”sick role”, failing to consider complex factors influencing client’s ability to manage their condition will damage the client’s sense of self and impede how they approach their illness. The majority of articles indicated that although immigrant individuals and families are willing to take the responsibility of care for themselves and their aging relatives, they do not have the required knowledge and resources. The inconsistency between what the person is expected to do and the real features of her life makes the person to reconsider her relations and re-visit…show more content…
In her work “identities are socially constructed, they are multiple: people have more than one at time. They are relational that is they are always connected to other identities within a social web. They are often unchosen and narratively constructed.” She also highlights how identity could be narratively damaged and how the person with the assigned damaged identity tries to repair this damage narratively by means of counter stories. A possible explanation of themes: “desire to be seen as a good patient”, “downplaying symptoms” and “lack of openness” could be the care recipient’s try to repair her damaged identity by ignoring their illness while having unmet needs since they do not want to be seen as “troublesome”. Lideman describes these strategies as false counter stories since they simply deny the fact that the person is ill and needs help. She considers these counter stories morally wrong, because it might make things harder for others in
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