Self Communication And Conscious Communication

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Humans use two forms of communication in order to transfer and receive information to and from one another; conscious communication and sub- conscious communication (Harvard Business Review, 2011). We use these communication modalities to navigate various social interactions and convey certain images of ourselves to society. The conscious element of how humans convey information is deliberate (e.g. choosing to laugh at a joke) and controllable (e.g. changing the model of the car that we drive), these displays are often carefully planned in order to incorporate them into our daily communications (Pentland & Heibeck, 2008). The most widely used method of conscious communication is verbal communication (speaking to one another), through these approach humans are able to express their attitudes, motives and sentiments to others with relative ease in an attempt to transfer understanding. However, considering the pre-meditated nature of this type of communication, there is the potential for humans to be disingenuous in regards to their displays of emotions and or motives during their interactions with others. Moreover, there is a potential to express the wrong demeanour in certain social interplays due to the lack of knowledge regarding the effects of one’s attitude and how it plays on the outcome of the communication. The subconscious element associated with human communication is unintentional (e.g. proximity to other(s)) and involuntary (e.g. pitch and voice level). This method
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