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Self-concept: How is physical development related to school experiences and self-concept? Self- concept consist of what we believe about ourselves (Woolfolk, 2014). It includes our perceptions of personal traits and abilities, particularly those that are important in shaping our identities as distinct people. Self-esteem refers to the way we feel about our own characteristics as good or bad, valuable or worthless, and so on. Self-concept and self-esteem strongly influence how we function in the world. They underlie our view of we are, what we are capable of, and how we can expect others to react to us. According with Gill and Williams (2008) none of us was born with a self-concept. It is a product of our experiences in living. From the reaction…show more content…
It is not surprising that such children tend to develop negative self-concepts and low self-esteem. Children with poor self-concepts and low self-esteem have little confidence in their abilities. They are insecure in their relationships with others, are highly sensitive to criticism, and are easily hurt. Some try to cover up their feelings of inadequacy with an aggressive or attention demanding front that alienates others (Woolfolk, 2014). Whereas others withdraw into a protective shell. Either response tends to result in low popularity or this only serves to confirm a poor self-image. The low-self-esteem youngster is thus primed for entry into a failure cycle (Bailey, Hillman, Arent, & Petitpas,…show more content…
Importantly, this is also the time when children are most likely to be introduced to physical activities. It is impossible to over-state the importance of positive early sporting experiences for the development of both self-esteem and on-going participation in sports and other physical activities (Bailey, et. al., 2013). However the puberty is the time when the body goes through many changes. These changes, combined with wanting to feel accepted by our friends, means it can be tempting to compare ourselves with others. The trouble with that is, not everyone grows or develops at the same time or in the same
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