Self Contempt In Othello

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[Abstract]Othello is one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies. It tells of a tragic love story of Othello, the Moor and general in the service of Venice, and Desdemona, a prestigious Venetian senator Brabantio’s daughter. Under the schemes of Iago, Othello’s ancient, the happy couple end in tragic death. This thesis holds the view point that Othello’s self-contempt is the root cause of the tragedy. If it has not been for his self-contempt, he would not have married her in secrecy without an open and straight propose to the noble family. If it has not been for his self-contempt, the rumors and schemes would have never been taken as truth and proofs. Self-contempt distorts his justice of evil conspiracy and exceeding honesty.
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Detailed analysis will be given to expound the deduction that self-contempt is the root cause of Othello’s tragedy.
Ⅱ. Othello’s Self-contempt before Their Marriage
In psychology self-contempt is a characteristic defect, which is defined as an under-evaluation of one’s ability and character. It shows an under-estimation, disappointment and lack of confidence of oneself. In social life, self-contemptuous persons feel inferior and alienated to others. When they are mocked or insulted by people, their self-contempt devastates and expresses in the forms of jealousy and self-deception, etc. Othello is self-contemptuous throughout the tragedy before and after he is caught by Iago’s malicious schemes.
To begin with, before their secret consummation, Othello has many traces of being self-contemptuous which impact their marriage. He has been passive in their relationship and does not move on without Desdemona’s hint.
…It was my hint to speak … she’d come again, and with a greedy ear devour up my discourse; which I, observing, took once a pliant hour and found good means to draw from her a prayer of earnest heart… (Act 1 Scene 3)
He acts upon every hint that he has observed. Then he purposefully induces her earnest heart of love and admiration. Secondly, as for the content of their conversation, to some extent, he boasts and exaggerates about his experiences on the battlefield, for the purpose of winning her
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