Self-Defeating Behavior Patterns

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Journal Entry 21 1. One of the self-defeating behavior patterns I have is procrastinating. I know that many students suffer from this behavior pattern and struggle with it, but in my case, I consider it a serious problem that has influenced my academic work. Because of procrastinating, I sometimes have to work fast (and thus imperfectly) at the last minute and work under stress. I may even not be able to finish my work in time because of not starting to do it earlier. For example, recently I needed to write an analytical essay for my English class. I had the whole weekend to do it. Although I did some important things during those days, I kept postponing the writing process until late Sunday. The paper was due the next day. It was a short paper, but since it was an analytical one, I had to stay late at night to finish it in time. I did not get enough sleep and the next day I was not sure if I did my job well enough to like it myself. I think, the problem lies in my inability to focus on the most important tasks in time. I have many things to do every day most of the time, but I think I fail in properly prioritizing the most important tasks. Also, I realize that I spend too much time on social media. As I mentioned in the example, it makes my life harder. If I could get over this pattern, I believe I would do much better in my academic works. I would have a less stressful life and have more time to perfect my assignments. 2. 1. I waste a lot of time doing
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