Self Defeating Behaviour

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“Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviour. The approaches should be selected from those introduced in module 5.” 2530 Words “Self-defeating behavior is the idea that sometimes people knowingly do things that will cause them to fail or bring them trouble. It is defined as “any deliberate or intentional behavior that has clear, definitely or probably negative effects on the self or on the self’s projects.” (Wikipedia: Self-Defeating Behavior) The concept of and theories behind why a person behaves in ways that are self-defeating is one that has been examined by many psychological approaches over time. In this essay I will define and explain self-defeating behaviours, their…show more content…
A shy person may avoid social situations and as such on a personal and professional level they may not reach their potential. Experiences that result in limiting thoughts remain in a person’s mind and when faced with similar circumstances, the old experiences are automatically relived. Those experiences and reactions seemed relevant at the time but not necessarily so for other situations. They are no longer valid but they continue to influence judgements, behaviours and decisions. “The opinion you hold of yourself today greatly reflects the experiences of your past. These influences, which may have been less than positive, set into motion your network of habits, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that remain consistent with our low self-concept.” (Lieberman, page 2, 1997) Those who present with self-defeating behaviour have a tendency to intentionally or unintentionally engage in a negative thought process as well as negative behaviours that work against their best interests, resulting in self-sabotage, defeat and failure. A negative dialogue has programmed their mind into sabotaging personal goals and failing to reach full potential. Examples of self-defeating behaviour are: firstly not finishing tasks that are started; focusing on why the task cannot be completed rather than how to achieve completion. Secondly, a feeling of
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