Self Destructive Deviance : Suicide

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Self-Destructive Deviance: Suicide
(Final Semester Paper) Depression is the cause of suicide. This is researched and known to be a myth that everyone believes about suicide. In reality the book or chapter on suicide states depression is a risk factor for suicide as it is often found in people who kill themselves, however this does not mean that depression is the cause of suicide. It goes on to say that there are plenty and other risk factors and depression is not the main cause or actual case for suicide, for example teenagers who have a higher incidence of depression than the elderly, are less likely to kill themselves than are the elderly (p. 144). So if depression is not the cause of suicide, what is? Research states though
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People are ending their lives every day whether we as a society are aware of it or not. The situation or problem may be temporary but the solution and outcome is always permanent. This affects our society because when hearing about a suicidal incident or if it is someone that was known, it brings curiosity on one to want to know what they could have done to prevent it, or what options are there out there to help and decrease certain deviance behaviors such as this. This self-destruction deviance should not be happening, however it is. Emile Durkheim’s Anomie theory explains it is a condition in which the society provides little moral guidance to individuals; it is basically the analysis of social bonds between an individual and the community. Therefore, suicide relates and affects the society individually and collectively. It’s amazing how in the most prosperous nation on earth, America; research states almost five million of its inhabitants at some time in their lives attempt suicide. Though this is only attempting, every twenty minutes someone is the United States commits suicide. Another interesting fact that astound me was knowing the rates and who were more likely committing and attempting suicide in our society, and it stated that it is mostly attempted by people in their “prime of life” which are between the ages of 24 and 44, however suicide is also rising in “prime of the youth” ages also 15 to 24 years of age.
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