Self Determination Among College Students With Disabilities Essay

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Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to see if significant differences occur between self-reported levels of self-determination among college students with disabilities. In addition, significant differences occur between self-reported levels of self-determination based on demographic variables, including disability type among students with disabilities. However, literature has already examined the various self-determination training models, curriculum, instructional approaches, and instructors’ knowledge of self-determination. Understanding how students make use of self-determination, specifically in regards to the participation, in regards to the mission of, and the participation in post-secondary education that will help professionals better understand the real influence of the self-determination training. To better understand college students with disabilities and the importance of self-determination; consider these objectives:  Understanding their disability and how it impacts their learning.  Skills that effective use to ensure they stay in college.  The essentials of self-determination skills to remain persistent in college.  Support from family, friends, mentors and professionals.  Skills and information fostering goals. Keywords: college students with disabilities, independent, self-advocacy, self-determination, self-advocacy, self-regulation Statement of the Problem Students with disabilities report special challenges in making a successful
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