Self Determination Theory And Theory

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The article provided talks extensively on the areas of the Self-Determination Theory, its stages and the basic psychological needs, and its implications. The main purpose of this article is to inform the audience of the Self-Determination Theory, while also giving clues as to what provides for higher development. The article also gives many different studies to back-up the data supported by the authors. The article describes that people are effected by the motivation that is used to generate their behavior. Basically, this means that, although two people could be doing the very same activity, what is motivating them, or how they are motivated, can have more of a lasting impact than the activity itself. The article also implies that, “people have an inherent tendency toward growth and development, and that this tendency will, under the right circumstances … lead people toward actualizing their human potential, which means to become all that they are capable of being (Deci, Ryan, Guay. Pg 109).” Also, the purpose of understanding the Self-Determination Theory is also rooted in the ideas that it will, “promote their full functioning (Deci, Ryan, Guay. Pg 110).” This idea of full-functioning is interchangeable self-actualization as, “full functioning involves individuals having access to and using all of their capacities for experience, connection, and proactivity (Deci, Ryan, Guay. Pg 110).” The Self-Determination Theory, “proposes that all human beings have three
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