Self Development Project - Management Essay

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SELF DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Part 1 One of the most important things regarding my future career was to learn, what really was of interest to me and sooner the better. When I put interest, effort, and passion into a job, success and respect of all others will go hand in hand. About three years ago, when I was still in the on-campus program of Master in Civil Engineering in the Czech Republic, I entered the global real estate consultancy firm of Knight Frank Newmark as a property manager’s assistant. Due to the lack of the capacity and of employees, I was soon given a big project to manage by myself. I felt like a spring chicken or a kid thrown in the deep water to learn how to swim. It was necessary to change my work load into a full…show more content…
It is also very useful to be an extrovert because almost everything in this business (as in all businesses) is about the ability to easily build good relationships. Part 2 I took seventeen assessments from the Prentice Hall self-assessment library. And most of the results did not surprise me and I strongly agreed with them. Some of the features of my basic personality are talkative, social, assertive, and extroverted. Nothing is black or white. I am calm, enthusiastic and sometimes emotional. I also have a tendency to have my say on issues. I am good-natured, cooperative and trusting. Speaking about my conscientiousness I am responsible and achievement oriented with pursuing fewer goals in a purposeful way. Unfortunately, I am not always very open to new experience. I am not conventional and I feel comfortable in a familiar environment. These characteristics show my occasional rigidity. My Jungian 16-type personality is ENTJ, which means that I am extroverted, intuitive, thinker and judger. It is true that I like things which make sense to me so I can analyze those things which seem to me realistic and logical. I am a schedule person, who likes to organize and run things. I scored way above of 120 points in Type-A test. It absolutely true, that I have always tried to achieve more and more in less and less time, having a strong need to get a lot done in a short time
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