Self-Directed Learning

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1. Describe the essential aspects of self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner? We are able to begin to develop abilities in self-directed-studying during our first-year in the college, to be an effective student. We will be spending a considerable time getting information and learning the continuous creation of new information, new skills due to the fast pace of change in culture and technology, and an access to info. Much with this learning will happen at our own initiative. We as a person will have the main responsibility for implementing, planning, and even appraising our learning effort. This what we should understand as self-directed learning. To be a self-directed learner, we need certainly to develop these four areas:…show more content…
So, we will end up able to continuously self-discover, self -rekindle, and self –modify on our program of studies. 2. Identify two areas of personal strength and two areas of personal weakness in being a self-motivated and engaged student. The strengths I have: being efficient and organize. I have to have everything a particular manner before I write, perform, or do almost any jobs. Occasionally this can cost me lots of time. The weaknesses that I have are a perfectionist and impatient at times. I was used to working at a substantially faster rate than those around me. Sharing information and interacting with others is when I learn best. Understanding my weaknesses assists me to plan methods to conquer them when I am doing tasks and socializing with others. I must be kinder to myself and less strict about matters being merely so. I also need to be more delicate and comprehensible of others who tend not to take up my perfectionist styles. I also should be patient with people who take longer time to work. Since I have got a tendency to delay works when I do not feel like doing anything, I, therefore, need to create a regular schedule with integrated rewards and times for learning and acquiring assignments done. 3. Plan at least five strategies for personal growth and explain how you will implement your plan. I. Utilize schemes that need more attempt and that empower them to process info more deeply. Willing to place in greater amounts of effort to recognize
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