Self-Discipline May Beat Smarts As Key To Success

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There are many methods people use to grow their mind. Some people keep practicing what they want to learn, some push themselves to limits and use self-control, and many people believe that the key to success is failure. However, there are some people who think otherwise. According to the article “You can grow your intelligence”, the author states that many people often believe this myth that when people are born, they’re brought into this world with either a “smart” IQ or a “dumb” one. But, scientist have proven that people can grow their intelligence just by practicing the things they want to learn. In other articles such as, “Self-Discipline May Beat Smarts as Key to Success” it describes how two kids named Zoe and Brad push themselves to get a good education and to grow their intelligence. They maintain a stable routine every day to lead themselves closer and closer to success. They use self-discipline as a coping skill. Meaning that they’re using the ability to control their weaknesses and overcome them.…show more content…
She defines GRIT as “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them. “ In a paper, she stated that “the gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon and his or her advantage is stamina.” She believes that intelligence is the key to success. By pacing yourself throughout time you’ll eventually master whatever it is that you’re
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