Self Disclosure And The Self

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(4) Description of Experiments: Self-Disclosure and the Presenting-Self and the Perceived-Self Building upon a classroom experiment, I chose a self-disclosure test tor couples and two examinations of the presenting and the perceived-self. This required some modification to the initial exercise in the case of self-disclosure for couples; I utilized my own relationship for that experiment. The subjects are both Caucasian, in a long term relationship, aged 45 and 48 respectively. Experiment (A) Self-Disclosure Findings Male, Caucasian Aged 45 The subject seems to be relatively comfortable dealing with conflict and approaching touchy subjects in the relationship. In general, the subject discloses and informs his partner when he doesn’t…show more content…
The subject recognizes that her partner chose you because you of her uniqueness, and understands that her partner (like everyone else) needs room to be the individual that he is. This approach certainly should allow them to reach a high level of closeness in their relationship. Caution is however to be exercised; the subject must be sure that she considers her partner 's feelings and communicate in a non-aggressive way. She shows the capacity to resolve a conflict and be pleasant at the same time. The preceding couple has great potential to have a meaningful and honest relationship; however there is much to work on. Both have developed strong opinions and personalities, compromise will be difficult at times. Experiment (B) Presenting-Self and the Perceived-Self Findings Male, African-American Aged 30 The subject displayed great dichotomy between the presenting-self and the perceived self. Outwardly the subject’s identity persona is bright, outgoing, articulate and friendly. Inwardly the subject is wracked with self-doubt, insecurity and feelings of inadequacy. The subject has no small amount of shame regarding his sexuality (homosexual) and goes to great lengths to keep this part of his identity concealed. Considering he has been in a long term relationship, this is an

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