Self Disclosure Is Vital For Intimate Relationships

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Self-disclosure is the process of deliberately revealing information about oneself that is significant and would not be normally known to others. Self-disclosing is vital for intimate relationships, and it can strengthen bonds and provide liberating relief. People, however, fear rejection so any type of personal information shared can be difficult. The amount of self-disclosure depends on the importance of the relationship, the intimacy of the relationship and if the risk of disclosing is worth the end result. During the week, a friend of mine and I had a deep conversation about the evolution of our opinions regarding religion. We were both concerned with the reaction from our families because what they believe in is so engrained in their mind, that any diversion from it would not be taken well. Because of this, the subject was and still is a very personal subject for me. Later that night I spoke with Mano about the discussion my friend and I had, seeking more self-validation that I was not the only one who felt this way. However, he barely showed any interest in the subject, and made a joke of it. I was irritated but decided not to go any further because, if nothing else, I am a peacekeeper. Also, when people dismiss my thoughts, I take that as a sign that they do not care about them, so I keep quiet about it.
Communication climate refers to the way people feel and treat each other during an activity, not the activity itself. Many factors influence communication climate by
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