Self Discovery Research Paper

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I was in a journey to self discovery, let me rephrase that; an expensive journey to self discovery. I went to work the next day and I quitted my job, i putted the house up for sell, gave away all my furniture and i left. I went to washington DC to visit the monuments and museums. I went to Lake Tahoe to take skeen lessons. I went to Utah to hike the desert. I went to Colorado to- let’s not talk about colorado- we will say, I went to colorado. I went places until I ran out of money. During my traveling days, I met many interesting people. One of them will go down in history as the love of my life. I was a woman in my mid twenties and I have not yet experienced, what most of my favorite poet wrote about; love. It was a hot summer afternoon, in washington DC. My flight…show more content…
To this day i tell my friends, i knew immediately after making eye contact with this unknown man, i was meant to spend the rest of my life with him. Surprisingly ,he felt the same way about me. We went to have a torrential romance of over four years. I was still struggling, trying to figured out my identity, this made me an unstable partner. The relationship ended when He called me to tell me he has gotten married, and he was going to be a father. While i was listening to his voice telling me the news, my heart stopped for a minute and memories of us, wandering around the black hills of south dakota flashed in front of me, followed by the image of us counting the stars while we told each other our deepest secrets. I also saw my dreams and hopes grumbling in slow motion as he spoke. I am not sure what happened next. I remember waking up the next morning thinking I could never find love again. As the months went by the pain was less palpable, my mind became clear, so did the memories. I remember when we went skiing; and he needed to cry out my name but he didn’t. I remember every time we said goodbye at the airport, he never said my name. I was not able to recall a single time when he called out my
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