Self Doubt Or Uncertainty?

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People say fashion repeats itself, well so do bad habits. That is, if they are not changeling head on. But this is difficult as humans are stubborn creatures working with stone aged equipment. We do not like to notice slow changes, especially when they are fueled by our negative habits. However if we do not change these aspects of ourselves and our society, they will come back to trouble us later. Unfortunately some humans, such as myself, are made into procrastinators, we get in to the habit of pushing things to the last minute. But why do I put off what can be done today to tomorrow? According to psychologist Daniel Kahneman it is because when faced with a problem that causes us uncertainty, our brains will make up excuses not to act on it today. Self-doubt or uncertainty plays a large role in procrastination. A person unsure how to start a project or insecure in your abilities, might put it off until they are force to start it. Procrastinators know it is a bad habit, it has caused me to fail tests, to receive poor grades on essays and studies show that procrastination does not just cause lower grades but compromised immune systems, stomach problems, and insomnia. So knowing procrastination is bad in school, why do we drag it to matters in daily life such as global warming that we are causing. Why are governments not placing billions of tax payers’ dollars into cleaner energy and solving the problem. Sadly we have this problem where if it 's not going to kill us
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