Self Driven And Dedicated Employee

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When it comes to MARS (Model of Individual Behaviour and Results ) ,Anya is a self-driven and dedicated employee. She is focused at work during the week so she can spend time with her family on the weekends which could be a goal that motivates her to excel. The intensity that she puts into her job is admired by other employees which show that she possesses attributes of a model employee such as spending a lot of time on training material and not being afraid to ask about things she does not understand. The persistence level that Anya has is high because she is hopeful even in times of uncertainty. When Anya is dealing with a downturn in the economy she has faith things will get better and she continues to display her best efforts. When Anya was worried about her work schedule conflicting with her family life she found an alternative to making time for things which shows her resilience through times of ambiguity. Anya has a high number of learned competencies through the extra times she spends with top sales people and the time she spends on reviewing work related materials. Anya has a clear understanding of her role perception as she has never missed a sales quota in three years which shows she understands but has also found a way to excel. She finds ways to make things that are important to her such as family fit around her work because of it something she prioritizes Whether Anya is facing times of change in the economy or has to balance her personal motivation to strive
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