Self Driving Cars Are No Longer An Idea Of The Future

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Introduction/Overview Self-driving cars are no longer an idea of the future. In fact, they are already being developed and test driven by multiple car manufacturers. One of the main goals of self-driving cars is to allow people to get around safely and easily, regardless of the ability to drive. Self-driving cars can be divided into two different categories: fully autonomous and semi-autonomous (Greenough, 2015). Semi-autonomous cars have been released to the public, meaning the car has features that allow it to accelerate, brake, and steer with limited or no assistance of a driver. For example, Tesla released their Model S, which has an autopilot function that automatically steers through highways while changing speeds and switching…show more content…
(Google, 2016). Background/Description of Issue/History The idea of self- driving cars creates excitement for some people and creates fright for others. The majority of car manufacturers including Audi, Tesla, BMW, and Hyundai are already test-driving autonomous vehicles. In the next 10 years, these vehicles will be common and will become the new norm. The effects and changes these cars will have on our society is drastic. There are multiple factors that need to be considered during the production of self-driving cars. We have to examine the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the impact these cars will have from legal, economic, and safety perspectives. Some of the benefits of self-driving cars include the following: reduction in car accidents, reduction in fatalities due to car accident, safer driving, and independence for those unable to manually operate a vehicle. Some of the drawbacks of self-driving cars are the changes in urban design and layout, privacy concerns, and hacking. Issues/Points of View Over the past few years, car manufacturers have enhanced technology features to make cars safer, to reduce the number of accidents, and promote driver awareness. As we tend to think of self driving cars as a great advancement in technology that will create a more enjoyable driving experience, we must also take into consideration the disadvantages and problems that
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