Self Driving Cars

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Should the use of self driving cars by consumers be legalized in Canada?

About 1.3 million people die of car accidents per year leaving between 20-50 million people hurt or injured. And over 3,000 deaths per day. Most car accidents result in injuries and even death to people involved. Car accidents can be caused by many different things, but mainly distracted and fatigued drivers. Drunk and Reckless driving is also a big cause. Many people think self-driving cars are the solution to these problems. Automated cars will have advanced safety features that will be able to avoid collisions before they happen. Drunk driving and driver fatigue can be avoided because the “driver” isn't actually the driver. The computer is. The reduction of car accidents is the biggest reason why Canada would support automated cars. Safety is the biggest “Why” factor. Self driving cars will also come with other perks such as letting drivers be riders and focus on other things while cruising. Who is working on self-driving cars for consumers? Many car manufacturers, chip makers, and software companies are now working on the technology for self driving cars for consumers around the world. Tesla being the main one, along with the new Audi A8. Tesla’s currently has the most car on the road with the most automated features, but other companies are working on fully (level 5) self-driving cars further into the future. Many people believe in this future but some do not trust the computers onboard to

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