Self Driving Cars

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Imagine laying in bed watching your favorite movie, playing your favorite video game, or listening to your favorite song. Now, imagine that on your way to work or to the store. Self driving cars could make this a possibility. We have been tinkering with ideas for autonomous vehicles for almost a century and a few companies have even been successful in designing a fully functioning self driving car. Roads full of these video game-esque cars controlled by artificial intelligence or other means of autonomy may not be as distant in the future as one might think. This, being a drastic change in the way we travel, could cause many issues. Due to these potential issues, it is in our best interest to raise questions before we implement these technologies. One possible question is: have we thought out any ramifications this might cause, and if so, do we have an approach to fix them? Engineers have been tinkering with ideas for driverless vehicles since the 1920s. In 1925 the first driverless car, named the Linrrican Wonder, was taken through traffic jams up broadway and across fifth avenue in New York. The Linrrican Wonder was controlled by a car following behind sending radio signals to small electric motors. Later, in 1953, RCA Laboratories designed a mini car that ran along wires on the floor. Five years later, they built a full sized model and demonstrated it by putting detector circuits under the road that sent signals to the car and controlled the steering and brakes. RCA

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