Self-Driving Cars. How Would You Feel About A Car Driving

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Self-Driving Cars How would you feel about a car driving itself while you’re sitting in the passenger seat? Self driving cars are supposed to be the new norm in a few decades. But with so many safety issues and expenses how would you feel about purchasing one? I personally would not want one strictly for the reason of not wanting technology to completely take over our world. Technology is already such a huge part of our lives, and lets be honest who could forget the feeling of receiving your drivers license? Even if they perfected the safety features on these futuristic vehicles, technology is not always reliable. The idea of autonomous vehicles started as early as 130 B.C. different European countries told folktales which included a…show more content…
After its success, Google founders were convinced that autonomous vehicles were going to be the next technological breakthrough. In 2012, Google added the Lexus RX450h to the project, and the self driving cars drove more than 300,000 miles on their own on freeways with test drivers. Also in 2012, they moved to more complex cities with pedestrians, road work, cyclists, etc. Googles’ vehicles have sensors and software that can detect object/people with a distance up two football fields. Google claims that these vehicles can adjust to unexpected changes in the road such as railroad crossings, and closed lanes. These vehicles are also able to stay out of blind spots and keep a distance with larger vehicles. Google’s self driving cars include a laser, a processor, position sensors, orientation sensors, and radar. Autonomous vehicles could offer so many benefits and they could change the future for society. The Auto Insurance Center website offers logical examples of how many benefits society will get from self driving cars. Starting with safety, human error is the main cause of accidents, and with technology, the roads will be safer. With computers behind the wheel, they are able to use algorithms to calculate proper stopping distances, and they can detect just about everything on the road. Unlike humans, computers can not get distracted and they will improve traffic conditions. Because of safer road conditions,
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