Self Driving Electric Cars

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Did you know in a few years, self-driving electric cars will be on the road? Recent studies have shown that in the US, over 32,000 people die in car crashes each year. But this new car will decrease those chances & many more. According to the article written in 2016, modern technology and safer car design has helped decrease the number of fatal crashes. The numbers are still staggering though. The new vehicle also gives you time to relax and can remove many human mistakes that people make that cause these injuries and deaths. All & all, the new vehicle is a new impact towards society. These new cars have other advances along with it as well. These new advances include, insurance prices being lower. Because of the lower insurance prices, people…show more content…
Between 93% to 95% of car accidents are caused by human error. If we can reduce the number of vehicular accidents, we may be able to save more money instead of spending it on expensive hospital payments. If the percentage of car accidents reduce, people can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. But, some people say that there are too many disadvantages that the car has. For instance the computer could glitch, or how the cars can’t be in certain types of temperatures. I think that the computers will develop a use for if the car is going to mess up. They could develop the ability to pull over and park so it can fix the issue. Overall, I think these cars can bring many advantages toward the United States when it comes to injuries & death. Self-driving cars can change the future. Instead of having to drive 30, 45, or even 50 minutes to work, the car and drive by itself for you. The car contains cameras and other devices so that the car can “see” where it’s going. Because of the advances that the car has installed to it, you can do almost anything you want and let the car drive. You can relax, work, and do other things and you wouldn’t need to worry about it. As you can tell, this car can make a huge impact when it arrives in the United
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