Self-Driving Surveys

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Driving a car is the most dangerous thing people do on a regular basis, as a result of the constant human input, where the human may be drunk or just distracted with the radio controls. Driving is way more dangerous than flying on a plane, because on a plane there are highly regulated pilots that their job is to secure the safety of the passengers. In the future, autonomous cars have the opportunity to vastly improve the safety and reliability of cars, thus saving millions of lives along the way. However, having autonomous cars becoming ubiquitous is contingent upon the majority of Americans trusting the safety of self driving cars enough to ride in one then eventually buying one (Lavasani, 2010). The only way to get current public opinion on this matter is to do a survey, yet those surveys can be biased to sway public opinion. This article will consist of handing a random selection of high school students two different surveys. One of the surveys will be biased and the other won’t. Then this article will discuss implications of the difference in results if there are any between the two. Current literature discusses approximate public opinion, in different areas, of the current acceptance of self driving cars. However it does not discuss the change in such public opinion, due to statements that lead the reader one way or another before the…show more content…
In a web survey conducted by UMTRI they found that 56% of US respondents had a positive view of self driving cars (Schoettle, 2015). In that same survey 54% of respondents reported that lower insurance costs were very or somewhat likely result of autonomous cars (Schoettle). Web surveys can be unpredictable in extrapolating to the population because of their self selecting nature, so this is another reason to be careful about extrapolating these
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