Self-Efficacy And Empowerment. Introduction. Can Rephrasing

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Self-efficacy and Empowerment
Can rephrasing our refusal statement help us achieve our goals? According to the study performed by Patrick & Hagtvedt (2012), the answer is yes. The resistance to temptation is vital for healthy eating, weight-loss, as well as maintaining our commitment to any goal. Long-term goals take the time to attain, which provides us with ample opportunity to give in to our ‘wants and desires’. When this happens, we delay our progress. Many studies have been performed on this subject; however, this is the first one to examine the linguistic approach of ‘self-talk’ or talking to oneself, using our internal forces, to assist us in reaching that goal (Patrick, V., & Hagtvedt, H., 2012). It proposes,
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Self-efficacy is a complex concept which empowers us to do whatever we believe we can do, giving us self-confidence, and enhancing our motivation (Carey & Forsyth, 2017). Fisher and Kridli (2014) define motivation as, “A complex concept that includes the beliefs, values, and attitudes regarding the accomplishment of a desired behavior or behaviors" (P. 238, Para. 3). Furthermore, Patrick and Hagtvedt (2012) conceptualize empowerment as, “A feeling of strength and control that in turn may help motivate goal pursuit” (P. 373, Para. 3). Patrick and Hagtvedt (2012) proposed that, “Using the word "don 't" rather than “can’t” represents two distinct types of refusal that differ in terms of what they implicitly connote about the consumer’s commitment and attitude toward their goals” (P. 371, Para. 2). Just as in the original study, my study seeks to demonstrate the use of ‘self-talk’ in creating empowerment in an individual, which will enhance the resistance to temptation and motivate goal directed behavior (Patrick & Hagtvedt, 2012, P. 372). In the prior study, quantitative analysis was performed using ANOVA, Chi-square, and binary logistic regression (Patrick & Hagtvedt, 2012). The original study was performed without mention of participant recruitment, demographic data, debriefment, as well as informed consent;

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