Self-Efficacy Essay

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Why is it that some people have more self-efficacy then others? Shouldn’t all people be driven to achieve to the same extent? What can kids learn from self-efficacy? Self-efficacy by definition is “the ability to produce a desired or intended result” (laptop dictionary). Through the years there have been many successful men and women, most of these people have been driven by something, whether it be the “oh you aren’t ever going to be an astronaut” or “you will never make it as a professional athlete” these people persevered against the odds facing them and went on to become those things or what ever else they were told that they were never going to be able to do. Most people believe that athletes who are good at sports should also be…show more content…
The media plays a big role in this assumption, by having the athletically gifted kids always doing well in school. The media often have the athlete be smart because the media outlet that releases the information does not want to believe that all kids who are good at sports are not good in school. During the movie Coach Carter must of the players are portrayed as being dumb. Most of this has to do with the fact that the players would skip class if they were at school or just simply not come to school at all. Towards the middle of the movie Coach Carter gets his players to go to class and to go to school all the time. This leas to the students GPA’s going up. (Coach Carter). This turn of events may or may not be true but the media wants us to believe that it is because it is both a feel good story for the kids but also because they don’t want to give off a message to kids saying that it is ok to not be as smart as others. They want all kids to be the same which just is not true and can never be true because if we were all the same then there would just be one person on this world not the millions that are. This assumption from the media often is not just from movies or articles, they can also be in books. Media outlets also like to make big generalizations about people because the outlets are run by people. The Media does this because they like to create false images about things so that people allow those false images to grow. Think back to a sports book
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