Self Efficacy, Self Esteem, And Social Wellness Essay

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Suicide, the reason what teens use to get away from life, caused by depression and other mental health problems. Unhealthy minds and healthy minds will tell you how unclear thoughts affects someone. This brings down the self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-confidence. There are three steps to prevent suicide, which might decrease the risk of suicide from happening. This might give you a clear idea to help prevent a friend, family member, or anyone from committing suicide. Self-Efficacy Many of us had been though a couple of rough times and some pretty amazing ones as well. Difficult times for most people can take away their energy, taken away emotions, and break a person’s spirit. The good times on the other hand can lift someone’s spirit up, boost their self-esteem, and show signs of our capability. This is called self-efficacy, it connects with four of the 6 dimensions of health mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness. These effects tell people to feel good about themselves, help them control their social anxiety, and maintain a positive lookout on life. Healthy vs Unhealthy People with an unhealthy mental mind can be extremely dangerous, or just plain terrible, they would respond with an irrational response. Whereas, healthy people respond with a more positive, a better outlook on life. A healthy mind has a good attitude, value, beliefs, and can reason with other people. Unhealthy people with unhealthy minds cannot do things like that. They either have
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