Self Esteem And Its Influence On The World

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Name, a title that is giving to all of us at birth. Name, our shelter. A label to our lives and what can break or make us in life.A name can mean a reputation, passed down as a cultural necessities. You may have the same name as a grandparent or an ancestor. Or, you may have a biblical name, or just a made up name. We may choose to keep or change our names, as a means of shaping or possessing a different identity. Identity, our personality, our attitude towards the world, our values, are the very things that build and create perceptions and often judgements about us. These judgements often create low self esteem. These very distinct ideas about us are very shockingly similar. Think about it, our names have definitions, which to some people it’s right on point with their identity. Others may not even be close. certain names throughout history have been assigned to certain races of people. While names can be shameful and straight up dumb, people have chosen to change their names in order to get a better sense of identity. Names did not just pop up out of nowhere, there is a troublesome history behind the names that have been taken away from the history books forever more. Over the course of human history, names have been praised, applauded. While on the other hand, they have been condemned, ashamed and criticised. At important time in world history, africans praised their names and were proud of their prolific heritage. Then things took a turn for the worse when America was
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