Self Esteem and the Media

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There are two types of media. There can be good media, and there can be bad media. One might also refer to the media as positive or negative. This paper will introduce some negative affects found as a result of children imitating and idolizing the media and the celebrities that go along with it. There are also positive results that come from the media; the media is not all bad. This paper will just focus on the bad affects I have found. The media spends billions of dollars to create advertisements that appeal to our youth. While those companies are just looking to make money and promote their products; they are doing so much more. Today's world is becoming more aware of the problems arising from negative media.
The Media and Self-Esteem
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What is viewed in the programs is not necessarily causing weight gain in children, lack of exercise or any movement is causing the child to gain. The child will then have low self-esteem from being overweight, and continue to eat and watch television as a crutch to dealing with harassment from other children. The National Eating Disorders Association says, "81% of 10 year olds are scared of getting heavy" (Teen Health and the Media). Americans spend over 110 billion dollars on fast food in 2001 (Teen Health and the Media). Americans also consumed an estimated 56 gallons of soda per person (Teen Health and the Media). Those are also contributing factors besides the media to obesity in children. If children are not being subjected to junk food advertisements, they are seeing thin models portrayed as beautiful and perfect. Runway models are becoming the worst role models for any young children or adults. In Madrid, Spain a fashion show decided to turn away models with low BMI in an effort to avoid eating disorders among young teens (Woolls, D., Sept. 2006). This is a good decision for teens and for the company's reputations. Concha Guerra says, "Fashion shows are mirrors for many young women" (Woolls, D., Sept. 2006). Many teens are starving themselves into sickness to look like the women who are idolized on television and in magazines. Today
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