Self Esteem in Athletes Compared to Non-Athletes Essays

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Self Esteem in Athletes Compared to Non-Athletes The correlation of playing competitive sports at college level and self esteem are measured. Subjects were given the Barksdale self esteem questionnaire to fill out and levels of self esteem are measured by scores out of one hundred. The subjects are then separated into categories determined by gender and whether they played sports at the college level. The results indicated that the elite athletes have a higher self esteem than non athletes. The survey also revealed that women have a slightly higher self esteem than men. These findings agree with our hypothesis that athletes will have a higher level of self esteem than non athletes will.

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As well as looking at that research we also referred to the Encyclopaedia of human intelligence and an interesting article about exercise and cognitive functioning. The purpose of this research then is to find out of levels of self esteem differ in athletes and non athletes. The hypothesis drawn was that athletes would prove to have a higher overall average of self esteem when compared to non athletes. The null hypothesis is that their will be no difference between the two groups. Goals of this research are to satisfy some curiosity in the area and maybe dispel of some long reaching stereo types. Method It was decided that the goal would best be reached through a questionnaire given to people to fill out that would evaluate their self esteem. After going through many the Baarksdale self esteem evaluation no.69 , it was decided on as being the most thorough and the one most pertaining to he research. Some questions at the end were added asking for age, sex, and whether or not they play competitive sports. These questions were added so we could separate them onto the respective categories: athlete/non athlete. Our control group would be the group that does not play on a sports team. The athletes would be compared to them. The questionaries were handed out randomly.
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