Self-Evalu Self Reflection

Satisfactory Essays
I enjoyed writing this essay. I feel like this is the first time I ever formatted as this. It was interesting to use a block quotation and close read and analyzed each part relating to each part of the story. I could sum up the whole meaning behind the conclusion so it was neat. I don’t mind what I will get on this essay because I worked my hardest to accomplish this essay. Also, this is the first time I tried this method so I am also anxious how well I will do.
I learned great deals from reading this book. I learned more about the Chinese culture and how identity can be an issue among the immigrant Chinese people. It is interesting to compare them with myself because I never had an identity issue. Perhaps I stopped identifying myself with a specific culture, but instead a specific body known as the Church. I guess I only want to be known as Christian than a Korean or an Asian. Also, the discussion was very informative and I love how we could incorporate modern issues with the book such as “Does Doctors need empathy to treat patients?” I enjoyed the discussions we had and I am excited to write about my identity/ creative writing near the end of the year.
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Also, I think this was an interesting way to write an analytical paper that involved a passage. I like how I broke the close reading with correlating with each section of the book and summing up the identity issue in the final paragraph makes me happy. I might lack the skill of AP writing skills so I would not give myself a high grade. I am still figuring how to write better with concise tone and understandable styles. I would give myself
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