Self Evaluation Analysis

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Before I went in to the evaluation, I wanted to collect my thoughts about how I thought I had been performing for the week. I had not received much feedback on how I had been doing and all of it had been positive. On several occasions, I had been told, “good observation” or, “I was hoping you would pick up on that”. During one instance, an OT was asking me how I would modify a child’s goals based on his progress, and I answered based on my knowledge that I have gathered through LEND, the OT program and my personal experience. The OT I was speaking with and the two OTs who overheard were impressed with my response and commented that I was ahead of some of the other level I students they have had before. Regardless of this positive feedback,…show more content…
There was one instance that I think we had different perspectives on. This instance was when I administered an assessment. My supervisor thought it when well considering I was a level I student. I met her expectations by preparing for the assessment, asking questions, and doing the best that I could do. She thought it was great that I was so flexible to do the assessment especially considering it was my first day at the facility. As I reflected upon my performance, I thought that there were definitely improvements that could be made. I think want to push myself to be better, which was good. In the context of this week, however, my supervisor wasn’t expecting me to do the assessment perfectly, but only to do the best of my ability. In the future though, I will be expected to be able to perform many assessments in a standardized manner and be familiar with them so I will continue to practice. This is definitely an area of growth that I identified this week as well as being able to complete documentation in a concise…show more content…
After a lot of theory, research and classroom learning, it was great to be in a clinic setting applying some of the knowledge I have gathered. As I mentioned above, I am going to focus on assessment administration and documentation. I take a long time to write up case studies and assessments and as I saw in clinic this week, that is just not feasible. These writing skills and familiarity with assessments will be what I will continue to work on for my next fieldwork
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