Self Evaluation And Self Reflection

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Although personal development is an important aspect of one’s life, being able to reflect on the ground covered plays a more critical role. Primarily, self-reflection in professional development allows one to identify milestones that have been overcome, the current state of affairs and the projected targets. The identification of prevailing failures in the process provides a glimpse into what needs to be changed in order for the target to be achieved within the set timeframe. The concept of self-evaluation and self-reflection encapsulates a complex synthesis of the development of employability skills, employability engagement, and the action plan to optimize the skills and knowledge developed in the process of professional development.
Reflection on Employability Skills Development
Description of an Experience/ Background
My experience when I was developing my curriculum vitae (CV) was quite exhilarating. I was accustomed to making my CV using traditional means whereby I would make it for general use. I would then email it to multiple companies because it was quite general. My experience in creating the new CV was insightful to the extent that I realized that a CV designed for technical application should vary greatly in its content, scope and overall design. My tutor provided critical insights as to how I should redesign my CV that was targeted for technology companies. I also realized the frailty of a CV remaining in a Word format when trying to access it…
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