Self Evaluation, Employability & Transferrable Skills

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Task 4: Report on Graduate Employability and Transferrable Skills

You are required to discuss what Employability means to you and what specific transferrable skills are valued by employers today. What have the results from the ILP, SWOT and SMART tables revealed about your future career aspirations and what you need to do to become more employable in the future? (There are numerous different transferrable skills, you are advised to select one or two and discuss)
Your report should be structured to include an introduction, main body, conclusion, list of references and an appendix. The appendix must include your ILP results, SWOT analysis and SMART goal-setting tables. Use ‘at least’ 3 direct quotations, 3 in-text references and a minimum of 6 sources in your List of References. You must demonstrate your ability to apply the principles of Harvard Referencing in this report.
Andrews & Russell (2012) has mentioned graduate employability as a key concern for the UK higher education sector while Foray & Lundvall explained about an increasing argument that the overall economic performance of Western countries is ever more directly related to graduates knowledge and learning capabilities (Foray & Lundvall, 1996, cited Ruth Bridgstock 2009). According to Knight and Yorke (2006), employability can be

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