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Evolution is a fact of life. We must adapt to changing situations, or perish.
This self-change paper will outline my educational evolution, particularly with emphasis on improving future educational and career goals. I will also implement a time-line for the educational goals, and my personal development to achieve them. The foundational effect of my initial educational experience starting in the New Orleans public school system. A brief summary of life experiences between high school and attending ACC, and the impact they left on my life. I will explore the new revelations of the results of my academic strengths and weaknesses, from the several assessment test taken during this past semester. Finally I will expand on my self-change contract,
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My advising session with Mr. John Wooten on 2/13 confirmed this choice when we reviewed my Career Planning Readiness assessment. Many of the selections in my career assessment were in alignment with my CRI assessments. Considering math is my weakest subject, math is no challenge for a good advisor. But the great advisors have better interpersonal and communication skills over math skills. I have been part-time in the industry since 2004, this allowed me access to some of the best advisors in the industry. Considering my score of 30 as a giver, the highest, working to help improve people’s finances and putting their best interest first reflects this score. The financial services industry has received a bad reputation for the few high profile cases of brokers Ponzi schemes. The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary rule requiring advisors to put clients best interest ahead of their own. “Six out of ten advisors” agree with it, and welcome it as I do (Market Strategies International). However, the need for honest brokers in the current political climate is greater than ever with the current Executive Branch stance on financial regulations (The Daily…show more content…
The importance of this certification is to comfort potential clients I achieved the highest standard in the industry. However, I currently operate under the same fiduciary rules at the highest standard of ethics and integrity. I currently hold series 6; 63; 26; and 65. I currently manage over $1,000,000 in assets under management. The only additional training needed is the CFP course, and a Bachelor’s Degree. My advisor helped me understand the relationship between workforce and other employers to assist in the job market. Financial advising was always my objective, however, ACC’s programs and self-assessment tool improved my skills and knowledge to peruse my goals. Basically, using the self-assessments and research tools offered by ACC along with the career advising gave me the ability to move through the four career phases this semester. Removing any doubt early in my educational career allows time to focus on completing my career goals in the self-imposed time
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