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Among polar bears, the most common feature of the play is the self-handicapping (Latour, 1981).
The self-handicapping is the major posture that occurs during a playful, sexual and aggressive event, which proves that playing is a keystone of development both psychologically and physically.
Latour also stated that social and play interactions have an important role during aggregation to survive this period. During this time, there is much less food available, and therefore, bears must subsist on stored fat. In order to save their energy, they have to move less but at the same time, they also have to keep their body temperature at the normal level, in which, play has an important role.
In addition, Derocher’s team found that the aggregation which was observed in Hudson Bay does not exist elsewhere as there are no other areas with the same conditions.
However, according to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP), the enclosure of the
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The aim of the experiment was to observe the three different types of play behaviours that can occur, then calculate the daily average of a polar bear spends playing, socialising, and other behaviours. There were three types of play behaviours observed: the solitary play with enrichment, social play with enrichment, and social play without enrichment.
Continuous behavioural scan sampling was used to record any types of behaviours that occur.
In addition, a time behavioural scan was used to record all of the experiment related behaviours that were made in 10-minute intervals between 1 pm and 2 pm. The total amount of time spent with each behaviour per each polar bear was recorded.
Solitary play with an enrichment was observed during the time while a polar bear interacted with an object without any social interactions. The recording was stopped once the polar bear has not manipulated the enrichment for at least 30
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