Self-Harm Research Paper

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HSER 281 Self-harm Research Proposal Directed Studies: Methods Jaime Gresley-Jones Student# 111835 Faculty: Deb Wandler Submitted: February 23, 2010 I have chosen the issue of self-harm because I want to know more about the clients that suffer from it. People who suffer from mental health are a big issue for society and they need…show more content…
Self-harm may be used to manage pain from an earlier life experience over which the person had no control such as physical or emotional abuse. While not every client will use self-harming behaviors to deal with emotional pain, I feel that the knowledge of these behaviors will be important in the field of helper that I am aspiring to work in. Self-harm can also be called self-injury, self-inflicted violence, or self-injurious behaviors. These names refer to a spectrum of behaviors where injuries are self inflicted. Self-mutilation can also be used to describe these behaviors but this term can be offensive. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders self-harm is a symptom of borderline personality disorder only and does not have a diagnostic criteria. Not everyone who self-harms suffers from a recognized form of mental disorder, but many people who have been diagnosed have a higher risk of self harming. Whether I chose to work in the field of social work or go on and work in a psychiatry field I will have clients who suffer from mental illnesses and the more I can know about their suffering and symptoms will help me to be better in my chosen field. I want to be able to do whatever I can to empathize and understand about the ways my clients are suffering. Suicide is not the intention of people who self-harm, but

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