Self-Help Products Essay

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Self Help Products

Looking into insecure lives and conformity, shows how self-help products have made its way into people's lives by profiting rather than a tool to aid. The self-help business today is a multi-billion dollar industries marketed and promoted with extravagance to target people who wish to self improve. Self-help products have claimed to help people lose their weight, improve their relationships, help relieve their anxiety/depression and show them ways of becoming a millionaire. Self-help products do not serve its purpose as it might have claimed, because it is merely a gimmick or a tool to deceive consumer into buying. Everyone has flaws within themselves that they wish to fix and further improve on; after all, life
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The so called essence in this book is embarrassingly simple. You must set yourself a precise target, an amount you want to achieve and a deadline for yourself to meet. (Poissant 181) If becoming rich is that easy, why is that people who have read this book are not rich today? Every book writer asserts as if all readers would be successful by following simple steps provided by the self-help books. Despite the numerous number of the self-help books, there is still no prove of great success in attaining such wealth. There is also self-help book which helps other self-help books to become best selling books. It is ironic that the writers who are suppose to help insecure people shape their lives, are in turn insecure about their own written books. In How to Write a Bestselling Self-Help Book, Jean Marie Stine advises that writers should avoid 69 mistakes in order to make best selling self-help books. What is the purpose of publishing those self-help books anyways? It is hard to define the true purpose of the publisher's intention. Rather it seems they are more concerned that their published book makes it to the best seller list than offering a real solution to the consumer's crisis. Another self-help book "Who moved my cheese?" which was rated by the New York Times as a Number One Bestseller by Dr. Spencer Johnson says this book "An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life whether it's the challenge of a changing relationship, or
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