Self Identity : An Integral Aspect Of Human Beings

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Self-identity has always been an integral aspect of human beings, allowing individualism and variety among the human race. However, difficulties in finding self-identity have been extremely common, especially towards the end of youth. Many families have set expectations on how an adolescent should behave. This may generate self-doubt upon the teenager and eventually result in unwanted conflict when the expectations cannot be achieved. Associating with influences from family members, many young adults have also experienced a negative interaction with peers due to contrasting personalities. The environment shared with the peers may become hostile, forcing a change, in a desperation to fit in. Society has taught young people that disobeying…show more content…
Similar to the barrier that Tim’s influence had on Griff, the lyrics of the song performed by the Beatles, She’s leaving home (1967), explains of a young person leaving home at the point of view of the parents, ‘She (what did we do that was wrong) Is leaving (we didn’t know it was wrong) Home (fun is the one thing that money can’t buy), Something inside that was always denied for so many years. Bye bye.’ The parents of the daughter are upset, believing that they have done nothing wrong. Although the influence on the daughter may have been positive, the daughter struggled to conform, resulting in with her leaving with the reason that she was not being herself due to the lack of ‘fun’. Influences from family members may help positively, however, it can certainly be restrictive on the individual’s self-identity and may become a difficult obstacle to overcome. Young people have always interacted with peers around the same age group. Many of these interactions may become difficult for an individual due to personality differences. In the film, Griff the Invisible (2010), Tony bullies Griff at work for being shy and awkward, ‘So, Griff, I don’t like weird fucked-up freaks making me look like a dick in front of my friends. You wouldn’t understand that because you don’t have any friends.’ This is an extreme example of a bullying and threatening from a peer due to the
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