Self Identity By Anthony Giddens

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“Project of the self" is one of the most significant concepts created by Anthony Giddens. The author bases his ideas of self-identification upon influence of the modern world and changes created by the process of globalization (Giddens, 1991). The main argument is strong. However the study seeks some further explanations of the role of identity in the social life of individuals.
This essay will investigate issue of self-identity in the modern world according to Antony Giddens’s ideas. Firstly, it will be considered how the concept of self-identity is created in the modern world. After that identities will be explained in terms of Giddens’s opinion. It will be given an overview of the main Giddens’s work on self-identity (Giddens, 1991). Then Giddens’s “Project of the self” will be scrutinised. After that Giddens 's approach to self-identification will be critically analysed. There will be outlined strength and weaknesses of the Giddens 's study on self-identity. The essay will be finished by evaluation of Giddens’s Project of the self".

The world has become modern and global. Identification of the self is a complicated, though, an important problem of every individual. Self- identity is based on inner values and reflections on culture, politics and social interactions. The main point is that people label themselves to any particular group in the society (Worchel etc., 1998). According to Ferguson: “Identity commonly refers to which it makes, or is thought to make
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