Self-Identity Qualities

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Identity is defined as the qualities that distinguish one from someone else. Thus, self- identity is how one characterizes themselves as an individual. This may at first seem easy to conclude. One might say I am me because I look in the mirror and recognize myself. Or, I am me because I possess a mind and memories unique to me that cannot be replicated by another in the same perspective. However, the body and the mind undergo constant change throughout life, so how can they be attributed to one’s “sameness”? I have arrived at the problem of self-identity, what makes one person the same over time? I assert that in addition to the presence of unique physical and mental substance, in each person is a constant factor that cannot be altered. I shall show that the problem of self-identity is solved with both the existence of a soul as well as psychological makeup; X is the same as Y so long as X possesses the same soul, body and consciousness as Y.
Descartes theory of dualism supposes that there are two fundamental substances. The body is an example of a material substance, as it can be defined by its dimension, shape, movement, and other extensions. However, an immaterial substance like the mind cannot be defined by such concepts, nor can it be interpreted from sensory data. Descartes argues that the mind is the soul, as it cannot be altered by physiological means and ascribes its place in the pineal gland. Though I agree with Descartes distinguishing of the mind and body, I do
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