Self Improvement Industry

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Self-improvement industry is a $10 billion dollar a year industry. The self-improvement industry for pastors is the church-growth movement. The temptation is great for pastors to look to the latest strategies, books and programs to have growing ministries that look successful in the standards of the world and yet bares little resemblance to God 's mission and vision for His Kingdom. Into this divide Tim Suttle, as a recovering church-growth pastor now seeking to faithfully follow God and participate in God 's mission, interjects his voice in Shrink: Faithful Ministry in a Church Growth Culture. Sounding a call to a return to a faithful following of the teaching of the Scripture, Shrink challenges pastors to rethink success not in the terms of the world but by how well one chases after the vision God has given for His Church. The following examines Shrink and Suttle 's suggested paradigm shift through redefining success, insisting on three essential transitions to be made by the church and the virtues that pastors must embody in leading faithful ministry. Shrink opens with a section entitled, “Don 't Try To Be Great,” where the argument for faithful over pragmatic ministry leadership is laid out. Suttle writes, “The church 's job is not to grow. The chruch 's job is not to thrive. The church 's job is not even to survive. The church 's job is to be faithful. Our growth, even our survival, is predicated on the will and power of God. The church 's job is to be the church.”1
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