Self Injury In Adolescents

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Frannika Dalcour
Mrs. Zilich
Senior Project
December 12, 2016

Self-injury is an major issue in our society and schools need to do more to help teens handle mental issue. Self-injury is a complicated and often misunderstood phenomenon that is a growing problem in teenagers and adolescents (plante 1). Self-injury is also an dangerous act that can lead to a worst situation. Self-harm is not necessarily a serious mental illness, but a behavior that indicates a lack of coping skills. There are several illnesses that are associated with it such as: borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, anxiety or posttraumatic distress disorder. In recent years, Self-injury as become more common. Approximately two million cases are reported annually in the United States (Gluck 1). Hospitalizations among youngs for intentional self-harm
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Self-harm also known as self-injury, self-abuse, self-mutilation occurs when someone internationally and repeatedly harms herself/himself in a way that is impulsive and not intended to be lethal. “Self harm, often referred to as cutting”. Cutting is an self-injurious behavior where a student uses a sharp object such as: a razor blade and a knife to inflict physical pain. Although cutting is one of the most common and well documented forms, there are many things people do to hurt themselves (Bells 1). Self-harming behavior can include variety of methods of self injury (pearlman 1). Studies have documented over 16 forms of self-injury and there may well be more than that (Bells 1). Most common methods are scratching, burning, carving, hitting, punching or pulling out hair. Self-injury can be and is performed on any part of the body, but most often occurs on the hands, wrists, stomach and thighs. The severity of the act can vary from superficial wounds to those resulting in lasting disfigurement (Bells
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