Self Interpretive Essay

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Anne Riley Laid Off: One of the most interesting topics covered in class for me was that of emotions and moods. I have a hard time understanding when and how to express my emotions. This has been a real problem for me in all of my relationships, both professional and personal. Though I have never been laid off I feel I relate to the case of Anne Riley to some degree. Anne was able to better understand and recognize her emotions and in the long run benefited from that knowledge. The case begins with Anne Riley meeting with a recruiter from Goldman Sachs’ Private Equity Group. She is hoping that this interview will eventually pay off with a permanent job upon her graduation. Throughout the case many descriptive words were used so…show more content…
The case describes her determination and hard work. Raised by her mother Anne began earning her own money at the age of 15. Anne was the first in her family to attend college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in finance. She understood from a young age that work offered a direct payoff; the harder she worked the bigger her reward in the end. Anne, like me, had goals for her life. She had a direction and path she wanted to follow and knew what she had to do to get there. She had chosen a career in private equity and knew that a person with these aspirations spent a few years after college working and moving up within a firm before attending school. Anne was offered a position with Storrow after a rough interview process. Anne soon relocated to a new city leaving her family, friends, and life behind her in New York. Being confident in her goals and plans Anne found a nice apartment, furnished it, and began a small family (adopted a dog). Like Anne, I too relocated to a new city in order to pursue my current job. I moved quickly leaving behind friends and relationships I had come to cherish. I moved into an apartment with my small family not knowing the area or anyone near us. I too felt confident in myself and knew I would be here for a while moving up in my career. I have invested in my education because I know that if I aspire to provide for my family I will need an education. I also will
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